S   Design in Nature Images:
Patterns, Elements and Absracts

In my travels - whether walking a trail, driving
back roads in my camper, or exploring exotic des-
tinations - capturing the essence or a feeling of a
place motivates my art.   I enjoy photographing and sketching on location to capture a moment in time. 

For over thirty years I have documented my adven- tures,  initially with a 35mm camera, then video, and now with digital photography, watercolor, and mono-
type and more recently Nature Journaling.

Creating an image through the lens or on paper
allows me to share the uniqueness and beauty of
the world around me!

   Unauthorized use or reproduction of any image is both
                   unethical and illegal under law.
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Sanchez Art Center -  Pacifica
Introduction to Nature Jurnaling
Wed May 11 & 18 - 10 to 3
   2 - day workshop  $105 
includes basic journling kit
  Registration:  Eventbite   

     for more information email me
         at sharronlee@aol.com